# 30 Eylül 2006 Cumartesi

Help and download available here.

If you missed the announcement, it is a visual designer, an addin for Visual Studio 2005, to design a domain model and to generate code decorated with ActiveRecord attributes.

Please send bugs, suggestions and feature request through the Navigation pane of the site.

Thanks To

ActiveRecord team for the great and well supported library, NHibernate and Hibernate community for making this chain-reaction possible, Microsoft DSL Tools team for making DSL modelling this easy, everyone at DSL Tools forum, and my wife Damla for her patience.

Pluralization code is simplified version of Damian Conway's algorithm in paper An Algorithmic Approach to English Pluralization
Server Explorer integration greatly inspired from Ted Glaza's post here.
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# 15 Eylül 2006 Cuma

Head to the VSIP member site to download. I'm %46 done right now.

Since DSL Tools v1 is bundled with this final release, and since I'll finally be able to include redistributables with ActiveWriter installer, I'm twice excited right now :)

My plan is:

    Compile ActiveWriter against DSL Tools v1
    Fix things broken by the v1
    Add one2one support (Just manual modelling. No heuristics for drag-drop. Will complete that later)
    Test & release.

 And about the current state of the project:

    Handles many-to-one, both in manual design and drag-drop.
    Handles many-to-many, both in manual design and drag-drop.
    Primary keys, properties, fields.
    Composite keys: Writes the attribute as well as a separate composite key class :) Yup.
    Some more model validators (If PrimaryKeyType.Sequence, then sequence name should be defined etc.)
    Versions and Timestamps.
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