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Please Note: If you're using VS 2008, you don't need this tool anymore. 2008 has this functionality built-in, look for the dropdown on top of the resource editor.


In Visual Studio 2005, strongly-typed code for resource files (.resx files) are automatically generated when you save them. The generated class, however, cannot be accessed externally since the class is marked as internal.

This little add-in just instructs the generation process to build a Public class. To use it, just change the Custom Tool property of any resource file from ResXFileCodeGenerator to ResXFilePublicCodeGenerator.

After you make any changes and save the file, IDE will auto-generate a Public strongly-typed class for your resource.


The component and source is provided "as is" and there are neither warranties to the quality of the work nor any expressed or implied agreements that the programmer will release any updates. The programmer will release updates and provide any support at his own discretion.

External code mentioned in credits may subject to their own licence terms. Update:
Fixed the issue with VB.Net root namespaces. This is, in fact, reported months ago but I totally forgot to fix it. I apoligize from all VB.Net users for the trouble.




Includes some code from Daniel Cazzulino’s XSD -> Classes Generator Custom Tool article.

VS Integration classes from http://www.gotdotnet.com/Community/UserSamples/Details.aspx?SampleGuid=4AA14341-24D5-45AB-AB18-B72351D0371C

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