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INFO: Not supported anymore. This is here for archiving purposes only.


DocListX is a free ActiveX control with source code, to be used (mainly) in Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 to create directory lists as in Pocket Word or Pocket Excel. It gives EVB access to the CCeDocList class, part of the MFC library.

Warning: The control is currently in alpha stage, with some features are still unimplemented (menu support, etc.). It is developed using Embedded Visual C++ on the Pocket PC Emulator and didn't tested neither on a real device nor on PocketPC 2002 environment.

Since the control is not tested properly, there should be many bugs to be handled. I currently does not plan to work on this control anymore.

To Do:

  • Should be alignable to the full client area
  • May have it's own menu
  • Should implement events
  • SetBorderStyle
  • Many More...


DocListX is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). For some background information about this license, you may wish to visit the GNU web site.

The LGPL license allows you to link DocListX into your software, with no real obligation other than that any modifications you make to DocListX itself are contributed back. Linking your application with an LGPL'd library does not require you to make the source of your application available - that requirement is a characteristic of the stronger GPL license.


v0.7.0 Alpha

Requires MFC.


Original idea from Devbuzz column of Carl Devis.

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