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[I'm no longer maintaining ActiveWriter, thanks for all the support. Latest source @ github]

ActiveWriter Downloads

Looking for VS 2010 version? Check this thread.

Current Version: Preview 4.1

ActiveWriter Preview 4.1 for VS2008.rar (282.73 KB)
ActiveWriter Preview 4 for VS2005.rar (1.43 MB) (The last version supporting VS2005)

Source: SVN repository @

You need FebYou need Visual Studio SDK and Visual Studio to open the source.

This software is built on top of DSL Tools of Microsoft.

Debugging project should be run under the experimental hive of Visual Studio. This shouldn't be a problem if you have DSL Tools installed, though.

You are freeYou are free to do whatever you want with the source as long as you comply with the Apache license, but please change various guids in your own solution (A better approach would be creating an empty DSL project and copying files from ActiveWriter over it, to avoid GUID problems).

Please send bugs, suggestions and feature request.