# 15 Eylül 2006 Cuma

Head to the VSIP member site to download. I'm %46 done right now.

Since DSL Tools v1 is bundled with this final release, and since I'll finally be able to include redistributables with ActiveWriter installer, I'm twice excited right now :)

My plan is:

    Compile ActiveWriter against DSL Tools v1
    Fix things broken by the v1
    Add one2one support (Just manual modelling. No heuristics for drag-drop. Will complete that later)
    Test & release.

 And about the current state of the project:

    Handles many-to-one, both in manual design and drag-drop.
    Handles many-to-many, both in manual design and drag-drop.
    Primary keys, properties, fields.
    Composite keys: Writes the attribute as well as a separate composite key class :) Yup.
    Some more model validators (If PrimaryKeyType.Sequence, then sequence name should be defined etc.)
    Versions and Timestamps.