# 19 Ağustos 2006 Cumartesi

ActiveWriter is a DLinq designer like addin for Visual Studio 2005 to design a domain model and to generate code decorated with ActiveRecord attributes.



It supports / will support:

  • Modeling
    Classes (Almost done)
    Class properties (Almost done)
    Setting a property as primary keys (Done)
    Setting more than one property as composite key (TBI)
    Many to One (Done), One to One, Many to Many relations (TBI)
    Nested classes (TBI)
    ... and more (I'm targeting to support the whole ActiveRecord model)
  • Model validation
    Current build validates most common things like classes without names, spaces in class names etc.
  • Drag and drop of table(s) from Server Explorer
    Can place tables, populate properties. I'm working on relations right now.
  • Automatic generation of source code of the model on save.
    Not implemented yet, but I know how to do it. Right now, it goes through .tt file.
  • Multiple database types as drag/drop source.
    Working on SQL Server right now. Oracle and others will follow.

I use the current CTP of DSL Tools to build the base. There are no downloadable bits right now, since I have to get a VSIP licence to make it run without the SDK.

I don't know to what extent I can open the source. I'll sure make the source downloadable but since part of the code is generated by DSL Tools and there's this VSIP licence, I may not be able to licence it under BSD or something. I'll look for it.

Anyway, I believe it will be a nice addin to have for people working with ActiveRecord/NHibernate. I'm doing my best to release a preview in one or two months.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.