# 29 Ekim 2007 Pazartesi
I have seen Roy's frustration on having a will-expire VPC on the lap, three days before a serious event where he is the speaker planning to use the exact same VPC! Yay.

Here's a quick possible fix to the problem before 1st of November. This is the ninja tactic I have been using for expired VPC's for whatever reason.

  1. Break the date synchronization between the host (your pc) and the VPC image.
    To do this, you should add the following lines (in bold) to the .vmc file (I did this to both Base01 and OrcasBeta2_VSTS vmc files, to be safe):
        <!-- ... other things -->
              <!-- ... other things -->
                        <enabled type="boolean">false</enabled>

  2. Start VPC image. Change date to sometime in the past.
  3. Restart VPC, it won't be in sync with the host anymore.
I tested this by changing my computer's time to 2nd of November, worked for me as shown in the following screenshot:

Based on my past experience it will work forever, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. I don't know if this will work when the actual day comes for this particular VPC image. So, backup your data, don't rely on this for the morning of 1st of November, and take this info AS IS.

Jeff Beehler says:

"I would strongly advise against changing the system time on the VPC if you're using TFS as TFS counts on time always moving forward.  You cannot make a check in or save a work item with an earlier date than the last one for obvious reasons.  So, if you're using the VPC in production, you could get yourself into a situation where you can't check in which would obviously be problematic."

He has also a solution for the expiration problem if you have a valid 2003 Server media and key.

So, yes, unless you're using TFS on the image, you may use this trick. And this makes it invalid for Roy's case.