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At last. Preview 4 is here. Spread the word :)

I'm very sorry that I couldn't be able to align this release with the Visual Studio 2008 release back in November. I failed to allocate time and couldn't be able to organize people trying to help. Won't do that again.

There are still lots of thing to do but AW is getting much better with each release, thanks to patch submissions and suggestions. Here's the complete what's new list:

  • Added support for Flush for ManyToOneRelation
  • Added partial Oracle drag and drop support. (Patch: Yavor Shahpasov)
  • Generates metadata about properties to be used in queries (as in ICriterion selectCriterium = Expression.Eq(User.Properties.Name, name); )(Thanks: Rudi van den Belt)
  • Contrib-30: Add flag to property to mark it with the DefaultMemberAttribute (or do it by default for primary key fields) (Thanks: Michael Hawksworth)
  • Contrib-50: (Revised description) Allow user defined imports to replace generated imports. (Thanks: Michael Hawksworth)
  • Contrib-54: Integrate NHibernateQueryGenerator into ActiveWriter (Thanks: Steve Degosserie)
  • Contrib-81: Added list relation type. (Patch: Grimace of Despair)
  • Moved all to vS2008
  • Moved binaries license from "as is" to Apache v2. We don't need DSL Tools redistributables in setup package anymore.
  • ManyToOne SourceNotNull is now working propertly
  • Incorrectly generates Some pascal case fields as camel case.
  • Contrib-52: (Revised description) Generic types are incorrectly generated if the given type name already includes generic parameters. (Thanks: Hugo Burm)
  • CONTRIB-59: (Revised description) Problems with NHQG integration when the temporary path, used for out argument, contains spaces. (Patch: Steve Degosserie)
  • Contrib-56: When creating a many-one relation, the generation of the Ilist should always be generic, independent of the generic settings for the objects. (Thanks: Robert van Hoornaar)
  • Contrib-61: (If the namespace cannot be retrieved from the VS project system) When a class is added to a model, the .hbm.xml file that is added as a nested file is missing the first character of the class name in the filename. (Thanks: David Gardiner)
  • Contrib-63: VB projects can have a default root Namespace. ActiveWriter should take this into account when generating the mapping files. It currently appears to only use the model's Namespace property. (Patch: David Gardiner)
  • Contrib-66: The private field used by the relation properties should be initialised with a constructor (Patch: David Gardiner) (Added as a model level option, defaults to false)
  • Contrib-69: Generated VB code should respect project's Option Strict setting (Patch: David Gardiner)
  • Contrib-70: Using a custom type that is defined in a user project fails (Partial patch: David Gardiner)
  • Contrib-72: Option to remove prefix from generated property names.(Patch: David Gardiner) (Implemented as model level RegEx)
  • Contrib-73: Look for Castle.ActiveWriter and NHibernate in project references. (Patch: David Gardiner)
  • Oracle support is now fully working (Patch: Marjan Flis)
There are some bug fixes and improvements in the DSL Tools itself, which directly affects AW. Most notably, the giant red X problem happening time to time when you drag-drop items from Server Explorer is gone with the 2008 release. Another improvement is, DSL Tools redistributables are now included in the IDE, so they're not included in the AW setup, resulting in a smaller download.

Preview 4 will be the last release for VS 2005. It's very hard for me to maintain both 2005 and 2008 versions, so I'm planning to continue with 2008-only releases. But if you encounter a show-stopper bug in 2005 release, I'll fix it.

As always, you can mail me using "gokhan (a) altinoren.com" with all your suggestions and patches.

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