# 26 Haziran 2008 Perşembe
For VS2008: ActiveWriter Preview 4.1.rar (282.73 KB)
I'm not updating 2005 version anymore.

What's New:
  • Optionally generates classes implementing INotifyPropertyChanging.
  • Contrib-117: Database and designer column order is not in sync
  • Added "Nested" to Common.ARAttributes (Patch: Roberto Paterlini)
  • Swapped parameters in new ArgumentNullException (Patch: Roberto Paterlini)
  • Changed in-memory code compilation error reporting to give full details of the internal compile process. No more ExceptionCollection's.
  • Contrib-118: Activewriter errors in combination with VisualSVN (Patch: Visual SVN Team)
  • Changed the temporary file generation to use \obj folder rather than arbitrary locations on the system.