# 26 Haziran 2008 Perşembe
Or Omea Reader has a strange dependency on Firefox:)

If, after upgrading to Firefox 3, your Omea Reader stops downloading feeds with the error message someting like "Could not find file C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\<random>.default\cookies.txt", that's because Firefox 3 now employs cookies.sqlite to persist cookie info. Create an empty cookies.txt there to get Omea on it's feet again. By the way, I tried to switch to Google Reader while investigating this problem and didn't found it as useful as Omea. Other than some odd behavior after resuming the computer from hibernation, and the lack of online reading experience from different macgines :(, Omea is still the perfect blog reader for me.

Now, depending on the existence of a cookies file of an external application is a shame on JetBrains's part, on the other hand. Especially if a dummy file works just as expected.

posted on 26 Haziran 2008 Perşembe 11:00:46 UTC  #