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This is a button control that hides or shows other controls on the page when clicked. An alternative text for the button is shown when it hides another control, allowing to toggle between two states.

All the action is handled on the client, there's no need to do a roundtrip to the server. This is useful when you want show a selectably advanced interface to the user, like showing advanced search features with a button click (web 2.0 nowadays? :)

Supported properties:

  • AlternativeText: Alternative text to be displayed on the button when in Hidden state.
  • ControlToShowHide: The name of the control to show or hide.
  • InitialState: Starting state of the control that the button handles. Visible or Hidden.
  • PersistState: Whether the last state at the client will be persisted after a postback.
  • Plus properties derived from the Button control.

The control supports design-time use. You may want to add it to your toolbox:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Customize Toolbox.
  2. On the .NET Framework Components tab of the Customize ToolBox dialog box, click the Browse button. Find Altinoren.HTMLControls.ShowHideButton.dll, select it, and click Open to add ShowHideButton to the list of components in the Customize Toolbox dialog box.
  3. Select ShowHideButton in the list of .NET Framework components and click OK. ShowHideButton is added to the Toolbox.

You may use the control directly from your "\Bin" folder. See ShowHideButton.aspx included in the .zip file.

Works on IE5+ and NS7. Ignores click on Opera 6.05.

Note: Since the control prevents postback, setting CommandName and CommandArgument does nothing.

To Do:

  • Include a LinkButton and an ImageButton with the same capability.


The component and source is provided "as is" and there are neither warranties to the quality of the work nor any expressed or implied agreements that the programmer will release any updates. The programmer will release updates and provide any support at his own discretion.



  • Feature: The control can persist the latest state at the client after a postback. Check PersistState property.


  • BugFix: Solved a minor issue on toolbox icon.


  • Feature: Now supports NS7.


  • BugFix: The dropdown to select ControlToShowHide in Properties window works properly when used in a user control.
  • BugFix: Does not show self among the available choices in ControlToShowHide dropdown.
  • Temporary Hack: Does not do a postback on NS and Opera browsers.
  • Temporary Hack: Works when there's a validator control on the page.
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