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It appears that people are having trouble finding templates for some of the documents mentioned in MSF Deliverables Matrix. Here is the Initial Risk Assessment template I created for a client, an excel representation of the ideas in MSF Risk Management Discipline v1.1 document. Enjoy.

Initial Risk Assessment.xlsx (21.81 KB)
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# 11 Nisan 2007 Çarşamba
I'm helping a client to customize and implenet MSF for Agile. As always, it's virtually impossible to find information on details when it comes to MSF. I find Scrum much more documented in this regard, there are tons of information on nearly very aspect of Scrum (web sites, screencasts, papers etc.) while you have to dig MSF v4 Forum for some tidbits.

One possible solution to info scarcity on MSF is Microsoft Solutions Framework Essentials, a nice book by Michael S. V. Turner. In the book, each track is marked with some deliverables but it's not clear who is doing what. I tried to construct a martix, some based on the info on the book and some based on my understanding of the concepts. I'm not 100% sure on Stabilization and Deployment tracks, so any corrections / suggestions are welcome.

MSF Agile Deliverables Matrix 1.0.pdf (229.36 KB)

Update: Michael Tsai makes a correction: "According to Mike Turner's book, I think Product Management should be the advocacy for Vison/scope document, instead of Program Management. See Figure 4-4 and p. 169-170."
There are also some suggestions on the MSF Forums thread on the matrix. I'll incorporate suggestions to the chart in the near future.
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