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Note: This is a very old piece of work and I'm not maintaining it anymore.


Three custom controls, a button, an image button and a hyperlink which opens a new window with given attributes when clicked.

Supported properties:

  • Left: Gets or sets the left position of the new window.
  • Location: Specifies whether to display the input field for entering URLs directly into the new browser.
  • MenuBar: Specifies whether to display the menu bar.
  • Resizable: Specifies whether to display resize handles at the corners of the new window.
  • ScrollBars: Specifies whether to display horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
  • Status: Specifies whether to add a status bar at the bottom of the window.
  • ToolBar: Specifies whether to display the browser toolbar, making buttons such as Back, Forward, and Stop available.
  • Top: Gets or sets the top position of the new window.
  • WindowHeight: Specifies the height of the new window.
  • WindowName: Specifies the window name to refer to the new window programmatically.
  • WindowWidth: Specifies the width of the new window.
  • Plus the properties derived from the respective parent control.

 Controls supports design-time use. You may want to add them to your toolbox:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Customize Toolbox.
  2. On the .NET Framework Components tab of the Customize ToolBox dialog box, click the Browse button. Find Altinoren.HTMLControls.BrowserWindow.dll, select it, and click Open to add BWButton, BWHyperLink and BWImageButton  to the list of components in the Customize Toolbox dialog box.
  3. Select BrowserWindowBWButton, BWHyperLink and BWImageButton in the list of .NET Framework components and click OK. Three new controls are added to the Toolbox.

You may also use the controls directly from your "\Bin" folder, without adding them to your toolbox. See the demo page.


The component and source is provided "as is" and there are neither warranties to the quality of the work nor any expressed or implied agreements that the programmer will release any updates. The programmer will release updates and provide any support at his own discretion.



  • New: BrowserWindow now includes a Button, an ImageButton and a HyperLink control.


Original idea: RemoteWindow from MetaBuilders. I modified Andy's code but the original idea worth 99% of the control. While there, be sure to check his other controls.

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